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Winning the first '76 Red Zinger Classic.  One of America's first International stage Races.  Wife Kim is trying cool me down.  I suffered in the thin Colorado air.  In the background is my Exxon Graftek, the world's first production carbon racing bike. Our Team sponsor was Coolgear/Exxon.

At the 1976 Olympic road race in Montreal. Bernt Johansson is right behind me.  He stayed there most of the race until I crashed out in the rain. Bernt went on to win the gold.  (Photo by Ted Furtado)

The 1975 Dorset Training group, started in Vermont by Anne Cram, is the first known cycling training camp in the US.  (Photo by Anne Cram)

Here I am with Paolo Bettini, two-time World road champion and Olympic champion at  the 2010 Gran Fondo weekend in San Diego.  Doug Dale, right, is a former CRC of A Raleigh teammate, dating both of us back to the `60's.